"Willy is a one of The Tenderloin’s top 10 homeless characters and he’s a SF fixture. Why? He’s never lost a bum fight, he looked like Mad Max way before the movie ever came out and the world is his toilet. Talking is overrated, grumbling is the new wave!" -'s description of Willy
Willy is one of the many homeless individuals in the Tenderloin district in San Francisco.


Willy wears a blue ripped shirt with a black scarf. He wears black pants with patches along with a black belt. He wears tattered knee high socks and tattered knee high socks on his arms.

Willy wears a black sandal with white sock on his left foot and a brown boot on his right foot. He wears black finger-less gloves and a green and purple hat. His hair is matted and green.


Willy doesn't speak understandable English, he just grunts. He is annoying and Jack and Phil don't like him. He frequents the bar Chita works at.


  • Willy has a kid who looks exactly like him, but smaller.
  • Willy is one of the top 10 homeless individuals in the Tenderloin district.