"Sanjee is a man of many smells, but you can’t deny his Beer and Porn specials. He peddles his vices to the most selective tastes and the nastiest fetishes. From Indiana Joanna and the Black Hole of Mamoo to the funky cold Medina…Hear me now and smell me later, Sanjee puts the smack down on all you haters." -'s description of Sanjee
Sanjee is one of the minor recurring characters in The Nutshack.


Sanjee is an Indian man who wears a yellow unbuttoned collared shirt with a visible gold chain. He also wears tan pants and brown sandals.


Sanjee is a crazed Indian man. He owns a drug store in Daily City and is really good friends with Tito Dick, Jack and Phil.

Sanjee is shown to be also friendly with Dwayne. Dwayne and Sanjee usually get into adventures on their own.


  • Sanjee's drugstore is also a local pornography store.