"Jack is what Americans in Kansas picture when they think of overweight FOBS. What people don’t realize is that it’s true. He’s big, book smart, street retarded and not self conscious. This equals = embarrassing to be around in public. And his name means to masturbate in old school Pinoy Hyphy talk." -'s description of Jack
Jackson Colero (or simply known as Jack) is the deuteragonist of The Nutshack, sometimes considered just a second protagonist alongside Phil. He is also dim-witted, but warm-hearted and usually tags along with Phil in the show.


Jack is very heavy and much larger than his cousin Phil. He wears burgundy pants and large brown shoes, and he sometimes wears noticeable white socks as well. His shirt is a few shades lighter than his burgundy pants, and it has a yellow square patch in the middle with a black design that may resemble a mushroom, telephone or arrow.


Jack talks very slow and deep however, his voice is portrayed like that to add emphasize on his weight.

He is very nice and unlike his troublesome cousin Phil. He enjoys women's company and uses less foul language than his cousin Phil and his cousin's best friend, Chita.

Throughout the entire show, Jack is being taken advantage of a lot how ever, in the ending of the show, Jack's outcome of their adventures is usually positive rather than negative like Phil's.


Phil - Phil is Jack's jerk cousin who manipulates him and uses his naivety against him. Though Jack cares for Phil and vice versa, they both harm each other at least once in the series intentionally.

Chita - Chita is Jack's love interest in the show. They have a mutual interest in each other, and Chita is shown to dream about sleeping with Jack in the episode Road Trippin and she is infatuated with him post-surgery in the episode Got Surgery?.

Tito Dick - Dick is Jack's uncle who favors him over Phil. In the show, Jack also seems to show great care towards Dick as well, as seen in the season two episode Slasher.

Horat - Horat is a monkey Jack "upgraded" and made half robotic. He's also Jack's "pet" and friend.

Cherry Pie - Sadly, Jack treats Cherry Pie poorly. He misgenders her more often than even Phil, though Cherry considers him one of her "best boyfriends" and seems to care for Jack. He cares for her too, but naively harms her due to Phil's influence early on.


  • Jack tends to mispronounce certain words, especially when pronouncing his uncle Tito Ting's name.